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Styloria LLP, Subhash Ganj,

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The story :

Back in the year twenty twenty when the world was in the shock of coronavirus and my college life ended in the second year (Idk what to say about online classes and the mood of not going back), we started a clothing brand, that was our first step in the business world. It was a tough journey, we realized that we will have to put a lot of money in inventory, operations and then there is branding and marketing. We saw a problem and thought we can offer a better experience, and therefore came the idea of Merch Factory. We know that we are not the first to address this problem, but we are trying to offer a solution that everyone likes.  We want people to start their clothing brands without thinking about inventory, quality management, shipping and focus on marketing and branding.  We have built a dashboard that is easy to use, we are making sure that our machine operations are smooth and we have also partnered with businesses so that our shipping services are also up to the mark. It is very easy to work with us with all these techs,  a person just creates an account in the same way he does on any social media, uploads the designs, uploads neck labels, and then he is good to go. Do try our services and let us know where to improve 😉

-Divyansh Jain (Founder & CEO)